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5 reasons to use Prezi rather than Powerpoint

5 reasons to use Prezi rather than Powerpoint

For a long time the word presentation has been synonymous with Powerpoint, but a couple of the years ago a new presentation tool emerged from the depths of San Francisco to save us all from cheesy ‘checkerboard’ and ‘flash’ transitions – that tool is Prezi.

Named after the Hungarian short form of the word ‘presentation’, Prezi offers a beautiful alternative to dull Powerpoint presentations. It’s changing the market, and with good reason too. If you’re not already, here’s five reasons why you should be using Prezi rather than Powerpoint:

1. It’s more dynamic and captivating

You need only see a Prezi presentation in action to see it is more fluid, vibrant and generally more impressive than Powerpoint. If Powerpoint is lined paper and a pen, Prezi is a blank canvas and paint. 3D rather than linear, it lends itself to creativity and highly graphical, visually compelling presentations. Plus, its transitions are a lot slicker, and neater, not to mention more interesting. After all, there are only so many text swooshes and naff animations a person can take!

2. It’s better suited to the digital age

As well as having slicker graphics and movement, Prezi is designed to seamlessly integrate multimedia content. It allows you to embed videos and other elements directly into the presentation, so there’s no need to disrupt the presentation flow, as you minimise your screen and hastily scrabble to open another online platform. Hurrah!

3. It lives in the cloud

No, not literally the white fluffy balls in the sky, but that little thing called the Internet. Hosting it online means you can access the latest iteration, wherever you are – on nay device, so you can present from your browser, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Plus, it’s great for collaboration, with multiple people able to access it and add content simultaneously. Just remember to save it properly, and sync it across all of your different devices.

 4. Your audience gets a better presentation overview

The key to a good presentation is telling an effective story. Prezi helps to emphasise the beginning, middle and end, as the information is arranged spatially; additionally, the transitions and zoom feature help to visually explain how the different points and ideas relate to one another. When zoomed out people can literally see the big picture, giving them a good indication of where the presentation is going to take them, in terms of both time and content. Nobody likes being left in the dark; Prezi puts the audience at ease because they know what’s coming (and how long its going to take). It also helps to emphasise the points you are trying to make. Remember the old adage ‘tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you told them.’

5. Because if over 40 million people are using it, it must be doing something right

The secret is out of the bag. Prezi now has a reported 40 million users across the globe. From consumers, to educators, to businesses – it even claims 80% of Fortune 500 companies use the platform. These are not numbers to be sniffed at.