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A tale for our times

A tale of our times - strategy, planning and protecting your business under fire

A tale for our times

I’ve told this story before. It’s true and it’s one I like. It has been all too relevant more than once in recent years but never more so than now.

During WWII, foodstuffs were sometimes ‘de-branded’ and manufacturing was ‘pooled’ or ‘zoned’; essentially nationalising the product. Stork margarine was subsumed into this and in effect the product became unavailable. Nonetheless, Stork continued to advertise throughout the war. In 1940 to keep the name alive and add value to the brand, Stork launched the Stork Margarine Cookery Service. This campaign was based on the premise that Stork was helping the war effort. “Stork Joins Up” was the headline and the Stork character was depicted in military garb. The advertising announced that Stork was going to be unavailable ‘until victory has been finally achieved’. Although Stork was not available as an alternative to the pooled national product, the Stork service provided recipes and cooking advice and expertise to help consumers overcome the problems caused by wartime control and shortages. The hope was that the Stork brand would become associated with helpfulness at a time of need. Many products were forgotten during the six years of conflict but Stork had no difficulty in making a comeback and Baby Boomers will remember the ‘Can you tell Stork from butter? TV campaigns of the 1960s.

Stork wartime cookery book advert

You’ll notice that at Ronin, we have been stepping up our own marketing spend and activity lately, and that will continue.

When you’re up to your neck in muck and bullets, it’s difficult to think about anything other than surviving the day. As Generals, we have to take responsibility for planning and strategy, the best use of resources, and the protection and wellbeing of our troops. We must do all we can to win the war and make sure we are ready to thrive when it’s over. Hiding in the bunker and just hoping it will all go away is not a great option.

People used to say today’s news is tomorrow’s chip wrapper. Today, we use the internet and social media rather than posters and newspaper advertising to make sure customers know we are around and have something to offer them. The lifespan of your digital ‘advertising’ can be measured in minutes and seconds. People have no patience, no time and no loyalty. If you disappear you are forgotten.

Imagine if your competitors are invisible for the next six months, while you continue to promote yourselves properly. Not only will you get a better share of any spend that is available, but it will also take your competitors another six months to re-establish a presence afterwards. That gives you 12 months to dominate your market and by then it may well be too late for the competition to recover. Of course, the opposite is also true.

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