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At your service – building mutual respect with customers

Customer Service

At your service – building mutual respect with customers

One of the things I never take for granted is the way the RONIN team looks after its customers, and how important this is to building mutual respect between us and our clients. I’ve long since been a believer that the critical element of sales and marketing is customer service. Without good service, everything else is a waste of time and money.

But how often do you experience incidents of poor service these days? And when you do, what can you do about it? There is usually nobody you can call for help and you just spend endless minutes, hours even, going around in ever-decreasing circle trying to unsuccessfully navigate the options on an automated answerphone service, typing messages to a chatbot or reading unhelpful answers on the FAQ page of a website.

Don’t accept the mediocre

It seems it has come to the point where the standard of service we are expected to accept ranges from mediocre to poor. What’s more, organisations have invested heavily in ingenious ways to make any recourse either impossible or as difficult as can be in the hope that the majority will despair and give up.

Black Friday

At RONIN, we are blessed that all the clients we work with are reasonable people but every now and then stuff happens. When it does the response from the RONIN team is always, ‘we’ll deal with it’. Here’s an example from yesterday. Over the past two weeks, we have been working on a Black Friday campaign for a B2C client. This involved creating designs and messaging for the website, social media and a customer newsletter. There was an early access pre-registration offer and attractive discounts on products. It was a terrific piece of work and the client was delighted.

RONIN to the rescue

However, 12 hours before the campaign was to go live, the client was forced into a change and we got the call. Within an hour the entire campaign had been altered without a moan or a flap from the RONIN team and was launched on time. The client was very grateful and very gracious, and by the way, that’s all the return the RONIN team needed.

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