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Back to the Future – marketing tips for lockdown

Marketing through lockdown

Back to the Future – marketing tips for lockdown

It’s vital to stay visible during this period but don’t communicate for the sake of communication. What you say and do now will shape your brand perception for when the crisis is over. However long that feels right now, the future isn’t far away. So, here are eight tips for you to consider.


Spend at least an hour a day thinking about what you want your business to look like in three months and six months time. By now you should have locked in what you are going to do to get through the next few weeks and you will have time to reflect and plan for the future. It’s time for creativity, not process.


Don’t sell. Help. We’ve seen some of the big brands offer free food to the NHS and looking after the elderly. What can you do – free of charge – to help your customers? But be careful about jumping on a bandwagon. If you are not authentic you will be seen to be cashing in.


Don’t issue inane, cloying messages about how you understand how difficult it is at the moment…and you are here to help. This is more annoying than being sold to.


Avoid any reference to ‘we are in it together’. Everybody knows what we are in – and some are in it up to their neck, so they don’t need to be reminded, thank you. We are all aware of the situation. Your customers are expecting you just to get on with it and to help them as best you can.


Arrange regular brainstorming sessions via Skype or Zoom with your marketing team and/or marketing agency. This is not only great for your business but also for staff morale. Many people find remote working a lonely and anxious experience, just waiting in isolation and dread, to hear the next piece of bad news. Sharing positive ideas is a really good reason to get everybody together and it is stimulating for people if they feel they are contributing to the success of their business, and therefore, their own job security.


Be human. If you come across like you haven’t figured out people are as worried about their livelihoods as their health, you’ll be remembered for it, for a very long time. Treat your customers as people, not clients, and your suppliers as partners with a shared interest. You’ll reap the benefits later on.


Share good news and any tips that your customers, staff and suppliers might find encouraging or helpful. And don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun. Stay appropriate of course, but one of the great British characteristics is being able to laugh at ourselves. Pictures of home workers receiving grocery deliveries, or kids and pets climbing over keyboards while you are trying to work are a good idea.


Exercise daily and encourage your staff to do the same. It’s good for mental as well as physical health. It improves creativity, plus we’ll all be Speedo-compliant when we next go on holiday in 2021. Right now, we’ve all got plenty of time to establish a regime and there are loads of online classes available. There are no excuses and you know it.

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