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Coronavirus Lockdown: A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Executive

day in the life of a social media executive during coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus Lockdown: A Day In The Life Of A Social Media Executive

Working in the world of social media requires a wide array of skills to stay on top of things. Copywriting, strategy development and the observation of digital analytics, all play a part in the management of social media channels for our B2B and B2C clients.

We look at a day in the life of our social media executive, Joanna Prempeh, as the RONIN team works remotely during the Coronavirus lockdown.


The first thing I do when I wake up is check Twitter for the latest news in relation to the Coronavirus outbreak. I also use social media platforms as messaging tools, so once I’ve had my fill of the day’s trending topics, I’ll respond to comments from friends and funny videos or memes they’ve shared.


As I’m spending more time indoors, I’ve included a morning workout into my daily routine. I struggle to exercise without music to help me focus, so my cardio workout is usually performed to a Spotify playlist. Today, I’ve opted for a live performance programme on YouTube called NPR Tiny Desk.


I can’t get through the working day without a robust breakfast. I stick to homemade muesli, with plant-based milk and a dash of maple syrup. I tend to save hot food for breakfast on the weekends.


Although my regular daily commute to the office may be out of the picture for the meantime, I still listen to a podcast each morning. There are a few that I enjoy listening to, including Jessie Ware’s Table Manners and the Good Life Project.


I start setting up my desk for work as I finish listening to my podcast. I prefer to do this every morning because it helps my brain recognise that I’m shifting into ‘work mode’.


I scan through my e-mails and respond to any urgent situations. Once this is complete, I’ll login to our client’s social media channels and respond to messages and queries from visitors. I take time to look at top stories and discussions within each sector and share highlights with the team so we can review ongoing strategies.


One of our clients has approved a statement for us to share with their community. I brief our design team on a website graphic for the announcement, before uploading the statement to the company website and sharing social media posts


The weekly content plans we create for our clients often contain relevant, timely news stories from their sector. I spend time researching the latest news stories to include, from interior design trends, to the surge in demand for cloud-based software to assist companies who are working remotely.


I join a team meeting via Skype to discuss new client developments. We look at actions we can take to adapt our communication plans to the current atmosphere


Our managing director has requested a review of social media analytics for all clients to detect any trends in online behaviour during the coronavirus lockdown. I dedicate time to an analysis of activity across our client’s social media platforms and compile a list of key observations to share with the team. I continue to track any sudden developments throughout the day.


I step away from my desk and set my sights on lunch. I prefer to have a light lunch, so I prepare a quick and easy omelette. I’m a huge fan of avocados, so I add a generous portion to my plate. After I’ve eaten, I see to household chores and start by tackling my laundry.


During my lunch hour, I set aside time to post Instagram content for clients and I make sure to include relevant hashtags to boost engagement.


I work on completing a few social media content plans for clients. Once I’m happy with the content, I share the plans with the account manager to ensure that the messaging falls in-line with our overarching communications strategy.


I’ve got into the habit of regularly checking for new government announcements about the coronavirus lockdown. If a press conference or update has been confirmed, I’ll put the radio on and listen while I continue to work on other tasks.


I sign off for the day and pack away work documents until the following morning. My phone stays glued to my side so that I can monitor notifications received on clients’ social media channels.


I’ve set up a reading area in my flat, to make sure that my work life remains as separate as possible from my leisure time. I’m currently reading a light-hearted, comedic novel by Candice Carty-Williams, called Queenie.


I put my book down and head to the kitchen to prepare dinner. I love cooking, but I’m known to be a tad too experimental in the kitchen. Some results are great, others not so much. I’m currently using an app called Supercook, which creates a digital recipe book based on the ingredients I have at home. I find a super easy Indian Dal recipe to make.


Dinner prepared and consumed, I sit back and relax with one or two episodes of a TV show on Netflix. I revisit Brooklyn Nine-Nine to squeeze in a few belly-laughs before the day is through.


Before I get ready for bed, I check Twitter one last time for the latest news updates. I also use this time to check on the latest developments within the social media industry and I watch the funniest TikTok videos currently doing the rounds on social media.

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