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Five fang-tastic Halloween marketing campaigns

Five fang-tastic Halloween marketing campaigns

As the most frightfully fun time of the year, Halloween marketing campaigns are a spook-tacular opportunity for companies to conjure up something daringly different to bewitch consumers. Armed with a creative license to dabble in the darker side of campaign-creation, advertisers are no strangers to capitalising on the spine-chilling holiday.

We’ve chosen five of our favourite fang-tastic Halloween marketing campaigns in recent years – read on, if you dare…

Marks & Spencers

We’ll ease you in gently, with this deliciously creative campaign from British high-street stalwart, Marks & Spencer. Renowned for its sweet treats, M&S put a spooky spin on their classic confectionery, transforming ‘Percy Pigs’ into ‘Percy Pumpkins’ and introducing ‘Vampire Fangs’, ‘Freaky Frogs’ and ‘Zombie Owls’. Colin the Caterpillar has undergone a malevolent metamorphosis, emerging as Dracula!

It’s a clever move by M&S, as the product-focused campaign feels genuine, as opposed to just riding the wave of Halloween-themed campaigns. Plus, themed treats are always a winning combination – after all, a ghoul’s ‘gotta eat!

halloween marketing campaigns graphic featuring colin the dracula caterpillar and percy pigs

Frighteningly Fanta

New for 2018, Fanta has launched its most fang-tastic campaign to date, with a partnership with Snapchat, on-pack graphics, advertising and a partnership with Merlin Entertainment with its ‘Twisted Carnival’ events.

Fanta have utilised the outreach and authority of influencers, engaging four social media personalities to encourage followers to vote for new Fanta flavours earlier this year. Blood Orange Zero and Pink Grapefruit Zero were released in September, alongside classic flavours in themed packaging by artist, Noma Bar. Indeed, collaboration seems to be Fanta’s buzzword, as a partnership with Snapchat allows consumers to access exclusive Halloween-themed filters and lenses, strengthening the interaction between brand and customer. Both platforms enable Fanta to target its core target audience – 16-19 year olds – and based on the success of last year’s promotion, it’s a campaign set to thrill.

halloween marketing campaigns featuring four cans with artwork

LG ‘So Real It’s Scary’

LG were creepin’ it real in Halloween 2012, with a spookily simple stunt; it replaced the floor of a lift with a grid of its IPS monitors, waited until an unsuspecting victim got in and then had the floor fall away beneath their feet. With hidden cameras capturing the looks of sheer terror and unadulterated fear, it was a brilliant trick which proved LG’s claims of realistic screen display are scarily true.

Topshop & Stranger Things

A collaboration between a TV show and a clothing shop? Stranger Things have happened. And in 2017, this did happen. Not only did Topshop and Netflix launch a 28-piece collection featuring t-shirts, jumpers and bags, but they created an immersive ‘Stranger Things’ pop-up at the flagship Oxford St. shop. Spread across four floors, Topshop hosted the Hawkins lab, the arcade and Will’s Castle Byers den, as well as inviting enthusiasts for a special preview screening of the first episode of season two.

Picking up on the show’s existing creepy theme was a shrewd move from both brands, as it created a refreshing and engaging Halloween campaign. Fa-boo-lous.

halloween marketing campaigns featuring a Topshop and Stranger Things poster

Burger King

Fast-food food outlets Burger King and McDonald’s are known rivals, and in 2017, Burger King couldn’t resist a not-so-subtle dig with its ‘Come as a clown. Eat like a King’ Halloween campaign. It promised free Whopper Burgers to the first 500 customers dressed as clowns across a few of its outlets on the 31st of October. The campaign was playful, tongue-in-cheek and continued to engage consumers who were already hooked on the McDonald’s vs. Burger King saga. It was accompanied by a 90-second digital advertisement featuring a clown who looked suspiciously like Ronald McDonald. Coincidence? We think not.

A campaign isn’t just for Halloween – if you’re on the lookout for some marketing magic, just get in touch.

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