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Five tips for getting started with Facebook advertising

Five tips for getting started with Facebook advertising.

Five tips for getting started with Facebook advertising

Facebook has nearly three billion monthly users. That’s a huge amount of people, but how do you reach the ones that could be potential customers for your business? One way is through Facebook advertising which immediately puts your content in front of more people than if you were only sharing it organically. With this in mind, here are five of our top tips to help you get started with Facebook advertising.

Consider what you want to achieve with your campaign 

Before you decide to spend any money it’s important to know why you’re doing it and what you want to gain. Facebook offers a range of options for the overall objective of your campaign, including raising brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or generating leads. You should establish this at the earliest stage because your decision will have an impact on the latter stages of creating your ad. 

Set your budget

We’ve found that the cost is often the main reason why business owners haven’t tried Facebook advertising. There’s a general feeling that you need to invest a lot to see any sort of return, but this isn’t the case. There are ways you can keep your expenditure modest and increase your chances of getting great value for money.

RONIN has worked with plenty of clients who have been unsure about Facebook advertising, and we’ve tended to recommend running a small campaign with a low budget as an initial test. More often than not, the client is pleased with the result and feels confident about investing more into their future ads. Running a test also allows you to identify if there was anything about your campaign that was particularly effective, or less so, so you can tweak it next time around.

Target your audience

There’s no use in reaching a huge audience if it only consists of people who have no interest in what you’re offering. You’ll want to narrow it down so that you’re only targeting those who have most potential to purchase from you. This can be done using several different criteria, including age, gender and, perhaps most importantly, location. Facebook advertising allows you to target people within a certain distance of a particular location, which is great for any business that requires their customers to visit the workplace.

You can also go a step further by targeting people based on the interests they have listed in their profile. The range of interests available is extremely broad so even if you provide a very niche service, you shouldn’t have any issues reaching users with interests which are relevant to what you offer.

Pay attention to the estimated results

Throughout the process of setting up your ad you should notice the estimated results provided by Facebook. Facebook uses your budget and target audience to provide a rough estimate of how many people your ad will reach per day, and how many new page likes this should convert to.

The estimates are given as a range between a low and high value, so if the lower estimate is still a value you would be satisfied with, you can have greater confidence that you won’t be disappointed with the results.

Select your ad placement

Once you’re happy with the projected results, it’s time to think about where you want your ad to be displayed. Instagram was acquired by Facebook back in 2012 meaning ads you create can either run across both platforms simultaneously, or you can choose to prioritise one over the other. The platform which is best for you will be determined by the content you’re promoting and the type of audience you’re trying to reach.

This can be difficult to work out if you’re a beginner, which is why we recommend letting Facebook do some of the work for you at the start. You have the option to allow Facebook to consider all your criteria and place your ad wherever it determines you will see the best results. You can then choose the placement manually next time and see how this affects the performance.

Learn how RONIN can help to make Facebook advertising an effective part of your marketing strategy here.

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