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Five tips for using Instagram for your business

Illustration of two hands using mobile phones with Instagram and social media icons surrounding them. Text reads: Five tips for using Instagram for business

Five tips for using Instagram for your business

Using Instagram to promote your business is an effective way to attract customers and increase awareness of your brand. However, when competing against other businesses on social media, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. We have prepared five top tips to help you improve your business’ Instagram performance.

Include a mix of content

Visually interesting posts get consistently more likes, saves, and comments. Try using a mixture of photos, videos and designed graphics to enhance the value and visual appeal of your posts. It is also worth thinking about the overall look of your Instagram profile – an aesthetically pleasing profile with a consistent design style looks professional and gives a good impression to potential new customers discovering your business for the first time

Post regularly, at the right times

Posting consistently means more people are likely to discover your business on social media. As Instagram’s algorithm no longer displays posts in chronological order, posting regularly gives your posts a greater chance of being seen by your audience. It also means that posting at the right times is more important than ever in expanding the reach of your content. Social media scheduling software can be used to determine the best times to post for maximum engagement.

Use highlights and stories

Instagram stories allow your audience to quickly check what you’ve been up to and stay up to date with your latest news. They are also more helpful in getting the attention of your followers, who may miss your posts in their main feed if the algorithm chooses not to show them. Turning your stories into highlights allows visitors to your profile to still view and access the information once stories expire (after 24hrs) and adds to your profile aesthetic.

Track your progress

Instagram metrics are important because they help you understand what’s working on the platform and what isn’t. By tracking these key indicators, you can adjust your strategy to improve results, attract more followers, and ultimately achieve your business goals. You can check your audience demographics and provide content that targets them effectively, potentially attracting more of the same demographic and creating a specific target audience for your content. Alternatively, you can adjust your content to try and attract a wider audience.

Interact with your customers

Social media has opened up another channel of communication with customers, so it’s important to be as responsive to comments and private messages from Instagram as you would an email or phone call. In fact, research shows that customers spend 40% more with brands who respond to and engage with them on social media.

Here at RONIN, our team has years of combined experience helping companies improve their social media performance. If you’d like advice and help with your social media, get in touch.

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