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Four social media trends and predictions for 2023

Four social media trends and predictions for 2023

Four social media trends and predictions for 2023

Our interests are constantly changing and that has been reflected in how social media trends have evolved over the years. Platforms are always looking for the next ground-breaking feature to ensure they grab our attention and stay ahead of their competitors. It’s essential you keep on top of these new features to ensure you continue reaching the largest possible audience and attracting as much business as you can.

With that in mind, here’s four social media trends and predictions we expect to see throughout 2023:

More video

It’s safe to say that video has already taken over the social media scene. TikTok is entirely video-based and has soared in popularity, currently ranking as the sixth most popular social media platform worldwide, which is incredible considering it only launched in 2016. TikTok has become so influential that other social media channels have made video a much more prominent aspect of their platform; Instagram and Facebook have Reels, while YouTube has Shorts, for example.

Of course, the type and volume of video you can produce will largely be determined by the industry you work in, but most people would agree that this type of media is generally more engaging than static copy and images. Even if it’s not possible for you to produce a huge amount of video content, it’s a good idea to have a mix of different media where possible.

That’s exactly what RONIN has achieved with its client, Marsons Solicitors. We created a series of short Q&A style videos offering helpful advice on wills and probate which we are continuing to roll out across their website and social media channels.

Brand responsibility

In today’s world, there are usually several companies providing the same service meaning consumers have more choice. This gives customers the opportunity to decide who they give their money to based on more factors than solely the quality of the product they offer.

Whether it be the environment, equality or poverty for example, we have generally become much more aware and passionate about societal issues. So much so that consumers now expect businesses to display how they are making a difference, so it’s essential you make this part of your social media strategy.

RONIN regularly receives updates from our client, Elkins Construction, about events and activities they are carrying out all for the benefit of their local community. It’s then our job to convert this information into the perfect piece of content and get people talking about it via social media.

Customer service

Having the ability to ask questions and receive answers quickly is a key benefit of social media. Virtually every platform offers the ability to leave a comment on a post for everyone to see, or you can message a user directly and privately. Customers will often do this for the sake of ease, rather than using the traditional method of enquiring via email.

Staying on top of all the messages can be challenging when you’re busy running your business, especially if you have a significant following, but it’s worth the effort. Being responsive not only leaves a lasting impression on the consumer, but it also gives your social media presence a boost.

Platforms use algorithms to determine which posts they should be put in front of other users. Receiving plenty of comments, likes and other interactions is a clear indicator that a post is interesting and should be seen by more people, resulting in more exposure for your business.

RONIN provides this service for all our clients.

The human touch

Gaining your customers’ trust is essential to the success of your business and being authentic is one of the most effective ways you can achieve this. Consumers feel more confident and find it easier to connect with your brand if they know the face behind the product.

Not everyone is comfortable plastering themselves on social media, or even being in front of a camera for that matter. We aren’t suggesting you should start acting like an influencer, documenting every aspect of your life for your adoring fans, so don’t panic. Instead, just offering some insight into your role in the business, or even sharing an interesting event you attended outside of work, really can go a long way.

Don’t get too bogged down when deciding what you should share. As long it isn’t too controversial, the worst that will happen is the post won’t gain any traction, in which case you know to try something different next time. If you’re still unsure, take a look at RONIN’s social media; we’ve shared everything from client meetings to our office Christmas Jumper Day in the last couple of months.

If you think you could still use some incorporating these social media trends into your business’ marketing strategy, find out how we can help here.

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