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How to better your branding in 2019

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How to better your branding in 2019

As 2018 draws slowly to a close, here at RONIN we have been thinking about what businesses can do to amplify their branding for the new year. Consumer trends are constantly changing, and in an ever-evolving media universe, its critical for companies to keep on top of their customers’ behaviour in order to stay ahead. Take a look at our top tips for keeping your branding ship-shape in 2019:

Add a personal touch

In a media landscape shrouded by unoriginal, templated ideas, 2019 will see even more consumers turning to brands that are bursting with honesty and authenticity. A way to build an authentic brand is to always remember that consumers relate to people, not products – so, if they can relate to a brand in a personal way, they are more likely to trust it. Rather than just trying to sell to customers, businesses need to build authentic relationships with them in order to establish themselves as a long-term contender within their market. Determine what your business’ voice is, along with your unique personality, and you’re halfway there. Remember to utilise your digital platforms to incorporate a human connection for your target market – social media tools, such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Facebook Live, are being used increasingly by brands to give consumers a behind-the-scenes look, hold their attention and relate to them on a deeper level.

Create exceptional content

Well-written, informed content is a sought-after commodity in a world where floods of mediocre content dominates. Producing valuable content less often is better than producing poor content daily – followers will appreciate an in-depth analysis of topics that interest and educate them, and will reject poorly assembled, irrelevant and often copied material – don’t forget, they can sense when its unauthentic straight away. Ensure that your copywriting and research is second to none – without this, your brand will struggle to capture the interest of most consumers.

Prioritise mobile

In 2019, even more emphasis will be placed on increasing mobile user interaction, with growing numbers of consumers using their devices to view online material; brands who don’t embrace this will fail to be competitive in the new year. There’s a high possibility that your emails are being read on mobile, and if the content is not custom-fit, you will lose out – the same goes for your website and any other digital collateral. Employ digital experts to ensure your presence is adaptable across all platforms and to all gadgets and your brand will get the exposure it deserves.

Be socially conscious

Some branding trends can be temporary and are often abandoned almost as fast as they appeared. However, social conscience is something that is of permanent significance. Today, consumers want to believe that companies care about the same causes they do. The environment, diversity, inclusion and opportunity are among some of the many topics that tap into consumers’ passions and push them to follow particular companies. Modern, innovative brands looking to 2019 need to demonstrate that they care about people as much as profits to increase trust, loyalty and financial return.

Create an all-encompassing marketing strategy

A powerful, long-term strategy requires a unified approach. To achieve this, incorporating your marketing, public relations, social media and branding together in one cooperative effort will be the key – an alternative to this is seeking the help of an agency, who can handle of all your integrated marketing in-house. At RONIN, we are home to a melting pot of talented, communicative and forward-thinking experts who deliver a host of dynamic services on a daily basis, including branding services as well as wider marketing consultancy and execution. Aligning your branding across all departments and coordinating it with any additional marketing activity will guarantee your business’ brand stays on top.

Have we got you thinking (or worried) about your branding? Contact us now to talk about your business’ branding.

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