Integrated marketing. If we assume, it makes an ass of 'u' and 'me' - Ronin Marketing
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Integrated marketing. If we assume, it makes an ass of ‘u’ and ‘me’

Integrated marketing

Integrated marketing. If we assume, it makes an ass of ‘u’ and ‘me’

I was taught a golden rule by a wise man many years ago when I was a young marketing executive: “Never take it for granted that the customer knows what you are doing for them. You have to tell them and keep reminding them”.

I had a meeting last week with a client that RONIN has been working with for a few months now, providing an integrated marketing programme. Things have been going well but I didn’t think they were making best use of the team’s capabilities. They’d previously managed their marketing in-house, outsourcing some activities to various freelancers. The company had grown substantially in recent years and they approached us because they felt they no longer had all the marketing skills they now needed. They asked us to help create a marketing strategy and plan, build a new website and support them with their digital marketing.  However, six months on, they were still trying to do some things themselves, which they would have been better asking us to do, and which were included in our fee.

Integrated Marketing

I realised that what I had failed to consider, was that they had never ever worked with a company quite like ours before and I hadn’t made it clear what they were getting for their money. For RONIN, marketing requires a holistic approach; anything less just doesn’t work. We have a team of very clever people with different skill sets working together across all the key marketing disciplines to provide clients with an integrated marketing solution that helps them sell more of what they do.

Simply put, we find and attract new customers and we come up with inspirational ways of motivating them to contact the client. This means we have to make sure the website is technically prepared to perform well on search returns for chosen key terms, and that we write all content to be search engine friendly. We then use social media and other outbound activities to broadcast all the good stuff to customers and ‘bring them to the shop’. All of which requires a high-level of design, marketing and communications skills.

Don’t DIY

The thing is, not all marketing companies do it this way. Because I hadn’t explained things properly, my client thought they still had to come up with all the marketing ideas themselves, write content and figure out what to do with SEO. That’s what they were used to. All their previous suppliers only offered point solutions, which they then had to coordinate and manage into some kind of cohesive approach. In my experience, this is the devil’s own job, especially if you are short of significant marketing experience in-house.

Herding Cats

It’s akin to herding cats, with different suppliers having a different understanding of what’s required and each offering different levels of service. Working to a common agenda and meeting deadlines is usually problematic and requires huge intervention from the client. It often descends into a blame game when things inevitably don’t happen how and when they should. That’s why I set up RONIN the way it is. We deliver a high-quality service, which provides an integrated solution for our customers, whilst also freeing them up to do what they should be doing; running their business. If only I’d explained it properly to the client. It’s a basic error and I should know better.