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It’s all about image

It’s all about image

It’s often said ‘people don’t buy your product, they buy you,’ which is why, like it or not, in business image is so important. As a marketing agency, our job is to help businesses with this.

A lot of people think of this as being just a logo or an advertisement, but there’s a lot more to it than that. This is something we have to explain to clients a fair amount of the time.

Take a recent client, who came to us for help with their advertising – just advertising. We, of course, designed them some very attractive, relevant ads, which would help draw in customers. Their enquiries, however, did not initially go up by much. When they came back to us to and asked us to look in to why enquiries had not soared, this lesson of image had to explained. Whilst their ads now looked very classy and made them seem very approachable their beaten up vans, messy shop front and old, text heavy website were a completely different story.

An analogy, I’m sure you’ve heard before, is if a shop window looks unappealing, with old, torn clothes strewn all over the place, then you are unlikely to go in there looking for clothes to buy.

Your image is affected by everything in your business, from your staff, to your business cards, to your shop front. It’s actually quite surprising how a seemingly small thing like having attractive van signage, can make a huge difference to your sales prospects.

That’s why we’ve helped our client to re-design their window signage, have their vans wrapped and create a website in line with our advertising campaign. Having only just gone live, the tale I tell doesn’t have a happy ending just yet. But, if past experience is anything to go by, the future’s looking bright!