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Keep C.A.L.M and Carry On

Keep C.A.L.M and Carry On

Apex Lifts, London’s largest independent lift manufacturing and elevator servicing company, recently launched C.A.L.M (Computer Aided Lift Management), a system designed to make lift management simple. We at RONIN were posed the challenge of creating a logo to reflect the innovative nature of C.A.L.M – a challenge we were delighted to rise to.

The brainchild of John Roberts, Apex Lifts Service Manager, C.A.L.M is unique to Apex. As John observes, “No other independent lift companies currently offer a service as comprehensive as C.A.L.M.”

One of its most distinguishing factors is the system’s interactive, user-friendly nature, which surpasses basic dashboards. C.A.L.M tracks the customer’s entire lift portfolio. By monitoring scheduled and required maintenance on a colourful interface that uses a traffic light system to animate real-time updates, it enables building and facility managers to immediately identify progress.

Darren Carpenter, RONIN Graphic Designer extraordinaire, created a graphic that channels C.A.L.M’s streamlined, engaging interface. Blocks of C.A.L.M colours, the very same red, amber and green of the traffic light system and, of course, Apex blue, act as plinths for the acronym, and give the logo a sense of movement while reflecting the interactivity that the system delivers. The end product is a clear and simple logo design, a visual representation of an innovative system.