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Our Favourite ‘Christmassy’ Campaigns of 2016

Our Favourite ‘Christmassy’ Campaigns of 2016

The festive season is here and brands everywhere have exploded with weird and wonderful marketing campaigns to get us into the Christmas spirit. In order to stand out on the high street at this time of year, it is important that brands capture our hearts. This is where brand marketing pays a huge part. In this blog we reveal our top marketing campaigns that get it right every year:


  1. The Christmas cups are out in force

Who doesn’t love a hot bevvy on the way to work in the morning? Whether you are a coffee connoisseur or a fan of a simple traditional cuppa, you’re bound to find yourself hopping into a café to grab a drink and shield yourself from the cold. You know it’s Christmas when instead of getting your usual branded costa or starbucks cup you get one with a lovely little festive design. We even think it makes the drink taste better.


  1. The hugely anticipated John Lewis advert comes out and everyone is talking about it

John Lewis has created a reputation for having the most touching and heart warming Christmas advert every year. From the music, through to the storyline they always have you reaching for the tissue box to mop up your tears of Christmas joy! This year the advert divided opinions but one thing is for sure… we definitely loved it.


  1. Christmas jumpers are the talk of the office

Christmas jumpers are the perfect way to inject some festive cheer into the working environment. Let’s face it, nothing is better than seeing a person you only ever see in a suit, sporting a colourful knitted jumper covered in reindeers! Not only is it fun to see a different side of your colleagues but it is great to be doing your bit for charity at such a wonderful time of year. As a company, we will be taking part in Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 16th December. Keep a look out for pictures of us sporting our festive designs on social media next week.

Save the children have done a brilliant job of the Christmas jumper campaign.


  1. London’s Iconic department store Christmas displays

Nothing melts our hearts more than seeing Christmas lights decorating the city. It’s almost like having an extension of our own homes that everyone can enjoy together. Central London department stores are renowned for their bold, bright conceptual Christmas window displays and every year we look forward to seeing the new designs they have in store for us as we rush around doing our Christmas shopping.


What brand marketing campaigns remind you of Christmas? Join in the conversation with us on social media to let us know on FacebookTwitter or LinkedIn.