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Change The Game UK

Design of book cover for a new political book and create a brand identity, website, print stationery and content and social media strategy for the ideas behind the book.

The CTG logo is simple and modern, with the ‘change’ aspect of the name reflected in the inverting of the ‘G’ in the logo. The trapezium shape that appears in the logo is versatile to allow it to carry the branding across to different types of visuals. It was important that the colour for the brand was not affiliated with any political party so a bright, modern teal was chosen to reflect the progressive ideas and positive intentions of the project.

Change The Game needed a fully responsive and easy-to-navigate website to give more information about the book and also collect the email addresses of supporters. Phil was keen to have the ideas behind the project explained in his own words and so the website needed to be designed to maximise the impact of video content. The result was a contemporary website using relatable imagery and SEO-optimised content that promotes the book through a simple explanation of its ideas.

A key component to the content was a long-form interview with Phil. RONIN arranged a video shoot on location at Phil’s home, the results of which were cut down into bitesize chunks for use across the website and social media. RONIN’s digital marketing team devised a strategic content and social media strategy using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to build a community of supporters and relevant influential political figures equally frustrated with the state of UK politics.