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Putting the ‘Great’ into Great Britain

Putting the ‘Great’ into Great Britain

Here in the RONIN office, we’re all getting rather giddy for the imminent weekend of Jubilee frivolity and celebrations, where, in true British fashion, disposable BBQs have been panic-bought, themed plastic cups purchased, ciders are chilling in the fridge and the forecast is set to be grey cloud and showers.

Seeing as most of the year we pride ourselves on our modesty, now seems a perfect opportunity to take a minute, sit down and appreciate just how brilliant we really are.

Here are some of the things here at RONIN we think make Great Britain truly great:

1. Our history; yes we have a history. A long one. From the Houses of Parliament to Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle to the Roman Baths, the country is just full of examples of ancient sites, medieval castles, and beautiful architecture spanning the centuries.

2. Getting Elephant’s trunk – that’s cockney rhyming slang, don’t ya know?

3. Fish n’ chips straight out of the paper bag.

4. Our Queen. Yes Lizzy’s still here, and we love her. We don’t know exactly what she does, but that wave is a classic and her style just faultless.

5. Our dialects; from brummy to ‘alrite pet’ northerners, Chelsea to the only way is Essex; we don’t all speak the Queen’s English that’s for sure.

6. Heart warming food straight from the motherland; Sunday roast, bangers and mash, cottage pie, Cornish pasties. (And we wonder why we’ve got an obesity problem.)

7. Tea.

8. Great British innovation; matchsticks, Viagra, the flush toilet, rubber bands and the original Mini.

9. British art; whether a Turner enthusiast or a Tracey Emin admirer, there is something for everyone.

10. The likes of inspiring British fashion designers such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney.

11. Our comedy; self-depreciating, sarcastic, dry wit. None of this slapstick malarkey.

12.  Epic literature: from Shakespeare, to J.K Rowling, from Keats to Tolkein, we’re a right creative bunch us Brits.

13. The sound of that ice-cream van for 16 sunny days of the year. Yes the sound still brings joy even if you’re 52

14. Country walks – oh ok and the pub at the end of it.

15. Our refined style; the Croydon facelift, (Designer Dazza knows this look well from his neck of the woods); the artful skill of wearing trousers so low, they are below one’s boxers. Bare legs on nights out, (more true the further north you go).

16. Timeless pop. We had the Beatles, The Smiths, Blur, Radiohead and then girl power hit; the Spice Girls. Enough said.

17. Our manners; too polite to complain, too civilised to push, and too reserved to talk to strangers, for fear of looking a) like a drunk or b) a lunatic.

18. The breadth and diversity of cultures and people across Britain and the celebrations that come with it; St Patrick’s Day, Chinese New Year, Notting Hill Carnival, World Pride, Edinburgh Fringe – to name a few!

19. Picnics, come rain or shine; the only time when you get to bring out that tartan picnic rug, rejoice in the mini sausage, eat cold pizza, and sip bubbly from plasticcup.

20.  Our ability to get head over heels excited for a spot of snow, a ray of sunshine, the 7 year count down to the Olympics, and of course the great Jubilee weekend itself!