RONIN educates Bromley on a new school – The Beckenham Academy - Ronin Marketing
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RONIN educates Bromley on a new school – The Beckenham Academy

RONIN educates Bromley on a new school – The Beckenham Academy

We’ve been very busy here at RONIN and there’s nothing like a tight deadline to keep us on our toes before the busy Christmas period.

One of our latest projects has been the launch of the new free secondary school for Bromley, The Beckenham Academy. Launching to meet the demands for extra schooling by the Bromley borough, the school is set to open next September for 180 students and our team were tasked with making the locals aware of the new school.

As part of our work, we created the school’s prospectus, designed collateral for the launch event, organised advertising, distributed press releases and promoted the school on social media in order generate interest in the school. Most importantly and challenging of all, the end result was to encourage students and parents to subscribe to the school, that thus far had no site location.

Our work proved successful as the Open Evening was a huge success with over 600 people attending on the evening and the school has to date had almost 300 applicants apply for the limited 180 places available. We’re now working with both The Beckenham Academy and the Education Funding Authority to begin the planning process for the construction of the new fantastic school.

If you want to learn more, visit the TBA Website, Twitter, Facebook and Google + pages.

Here’s looking forward to the next stage…