RONIN gets colour happy! - Ronin Marketing
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RONIN gets colour happy!

RONIN gets colour happy!

This summer we’ve swapped our tranquil office environment for paint fumes, dustsheets and hot-desking – all in the name of beauty, darling.

Inspired by the Bromley North Village renovation and our recent advice to a client to update the look and feel of its stores to create a positive impression, RONIN has taken a leaf from its own book and given its Bromley office a little refresh.

From a whizzy high-tech entry system to beautiful vinyl flooring and freshly painted walls, the new improved RONIN office is looking positively lovely.

And our bright colour palette really packs a punch. With a Luscious Lime feature wall in the hallway, Proud Peacock in the PR office, Raspberry Bellini* in the design studio and a vinyl colour splash in our meeting room, the office is brimming with good vibes.

We think it looks fabulous, but then again we may still be intoxicated by the paint fumes, so why not come in and see for yourself?

*colour choice is in no way connected to the wine fridge in corner of room