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Ronin goes shopping

Ronin goes shopping

Here at RONIN, we’ve been pondering how to deliver an even better PR service to our clients.  Picking a brand new media management platform for next year seemed like a great way to do it. This is a tool that not only connects us with editors bloggers and freelance writers, but the right system also enables us to integrate a broad range of marketing channels to run a variety of campaigns simultaneously.

After scouring the market for the best candidate, we are delighted to have found the right fit with CisionPoint.  Its user-friendly interface and superb quality data made a good first impression, but it was a wealth of additional features that really sealed the deal.  Rather than providing a one-dimensional approach, the service operates more like a multi-media hub.

The ‘Press Room’ for example, can best be described as or mini website that allows us to store our clients’ branded content in one place. This handy tool acts as a media bank enabling journalists gain access to a variety of content including high res photos, all in one space.  It is also great for amplifying clients’ online profile and search engine visibility.

Another useful addition is the ‘opportunities’ feature allowing us to receive updates from specific media outlets that require content. This invaluable resource should enable us to deliver some great quality content for our clients to the people that really want it.

However, while snazzy features are a bonus, the quality of any media management system must be built on a foundation of accurate and comprehensive data with a truly global outlook. It must also be equipped for the digital age with a comprehensive list of online publications, bloggers and social media resources.

“As we offer a broad spectrum of marketing services to clients all over the world, we have to identify media outlets on a global basis whilst providing access to some very specific industries,” says Ronin director, Steve Lipscombe. “At the same time, we have to cater for out client’s increasingly digital savvy approach to communication”

CisionPoint offers a comprehensive database of some 1.5 million journalists, editors and bloggers with some 18,000 updates every day.. The platform goes well beyond traditional print media, providing an in-depth database of online writers and outlets including their professional profiles and integrated Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. So the Ronin team can fine tune client campaigns to better target the high quality content we produce for our clients