RONIN Meet the Team – Louis - Ronin Marketing
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RONIN Meet the Team – Louis

RONIN Meet the Team – Louis

Hello my name is Louis Mueller, I am a 14 year old student from Munich and I have just finished a week of work experience at RONIN marketing.

At my school in Germany, we have a subject called “BOF”, where you can learn how to choose a job that suits you and how to write an application letter. Honestly, I’m not quite sure what I would like to do when I graduate next year, but I still have some time to decide!

In this school year I have had two work placements and in this time, I have been thinking about which subjects I find the most interesting. After the 10th class, you can decide if you want to get a job or go to another school where you can get your Abitur (close to A levels).

In thinking about the sort of job I would enjoy, I came across RONIN Marketing. My grandfather knows the founder of the agency and my brother also did his work experience here and really enjoyed it.

I also decided to choose RONIN Marketing for my placement, because I have never learnt how to design a website, or how to work with social media. In addition to this, I wanted to do an internship abroad to improve my skills and my English. In the future it will be very important to speak the global language, because you often have to communicate with colleagues around the world.

I enjoyed this week very much, because I have learned a lot about marketing and after doing this placement for a week I could definitely imagine working here. There was a really nice atmosphere in the company (I especially enjoyed the singing!) and I hope I have a similar environment in my first job. Thank you Caroline, Demi, Balbina, Sara, Dan, Nathaniel, Cathy and of course Steve and Judith for this fantastic week. I really enjoyed it!