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Charity Run for Rose

Charity Run for Rose

Our lovely Account Director, Caroline and her partner Chris are currently busy shaping up for charity runs to raise money for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

In November 2020 their five-month-old daughter, Rose was sadly diagnosed with Myofibromatosis – a rare benign tumour on her left shoulder.  Unfortunately, due to her age and size an operation was out of the question. Chemotherapy was the preferred route taken to help stop further growth and hopefully shrink the lesion.

It’s proving to be a tough and long journey for the three of them with weekly trips to hospital for the treatment, as well as regular admissions into their local hospital when Rose spikes a temperature. The nature of chemotherapy means Rose is immunosuppressed, so if she becomes unwell, she needs immediate care. On top of this, the family have the stress of Rose’s Hickman Line (catheter), which cannot get wet, due to risk of infection.

Throughout the trio’s journey, with the help of family and friends, they’ve stayed strong and take each day as it comes. The outstanding compassion and care received from GOSH has meant a huge amount to Caroline and Chris and for this they want to give something back.

That is why Caroline is preparing to take on the Shoreham Woods 10k Trail run on 4th September in order to raise money for the cause. Chris recently completed the Vanguard Way Trail Marathon and will next be competing in the Brighton Marathon on 12th September!

Join us in wishing them all the best for their charity runs and for the healthy recovery of Rose. Kind donations are welcome via their Just Giving page.

Every donation no matter how big or small is gratefully received and makes a significant difference in supporting Great Ormond Street and all the amazing things that they do.