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For months the tune of heavy machinery each day has polluted East Street, but on a sunny July morning the soundtrack had changed to a symphony of bustling conversation and excited chatter. Newly-regenerated East Street – the home of RONIN Marketing – hosted a food festival...

Step outside our office today and plumes of smoky dust, and the soothing sounds of a ten-tonne digger will greet you. And it’s all in the name of beauty, darling. As part of a scheme to improve Bromley North Village, East Street is currently being transformed....

RONIN Director, Steve Lipscombe, is proud to be among the local businessmen in Bromley North village that have raised £500 for men’s health as part of the Movember campaign. The lads have donned their YMCA outfits to celebrate! RONIN Marketing is among three businesses based in East...

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