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In a Drift Bridge Volkswagen, Creative FX and 3M collaboration, the award winning Golf Mk7 has been transformed into an exciting chrome-wrapped hot-hatchback. The video of the transformation, filmed and marketed by RONIN, has become an Internet sensation, attracting more the 40,000 views on YouTube in...

There are around 152 million blogs, and that number is growing every day. Not only has blogging evolved into a popular pastime, but it has also become integral to many company websites. My first experience of blogging came when school friends went travelling off to far...

Businessmen and women in your 50s unite. All this social media stuff is for kids. FaceTube and Twittering; who gets it? There isn’t any business benefit and it reduces productivity. Staff should be banned from using it during working hours; after all they’re just talking...

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