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Top 10 Advertising Tips with Andrea

Top 10 Advertising Tips with Andrea

I know what you’re thinking – advertising? Oh yes; those unnecessary breaks during that great film you’ve been dying to watch, the infuriating pop-ups when you’re shopping online. Advertising can certainly have negative connotations. However, push those small consumer annoyances aside and it’s not difficult to see that advertising comes in all shapes and sizes and does not have to be direct and ‘in your face’.

Nowadays there is a demand for a more subtle approach, which means creating a positive image that is relatable and inviting to the consumer and your industry as a whole. As a result of this shifting trend, advertising campaigns are becoming more strategic; many new elements need to be considered and lots of different channels are now up for grabs.

Check out my tips below to ensure advertising is as successful as possible for your business and help change it from a dirty word to an integral marketing technique.

1. Know your customers
The better you understand your clients, the more effectively you can target your audience. Data management plays a significant part here. Make sure your data is fresh and segmented according to your campaign. From age groups to geographic areas, tailoring messaging and focusing on the right demographic will increase your success rate and overall customer loyalty.

2. Your USP
What separates you and your service or product from your competitors?
Some businesses fall into the trap of focusing on just what is offered without highlighting benefits for the customer. Understanding the value you offer the consumer is imperative and needs to be the basis from which your campaigns are built.

3. Establish an image
From Nike’s ‘Just do it’ to the Guinness ‘Black and White’ campaigns, creating a strong brand is done in large by building a solid image for your business. Decide on a clean logo, one-of-a-kind tagline and consistent design to become instantly recognisable in your industry.

4. Have a personality
People buy from people – so creating a friendly, approachable and informal persona invites potential customers and makes them feel at ease. This in turn will increase the chances of them making a purchase from you or utilising your service and can encourage repeat buying and lifetime value.

5. Don’t neglect your website
Your website is your voice; it not only reflects the style of your brand in terms of consistency and your shop window, but if it provides a positive experience for the user, it encourages the notion that your company is one to be taken seriously. 82% of customers will conduct research online, further supporting the need for a high quality and credible website. It can be the key to turning visitors into paying customers, so keeping it regularly updated is vital.

6. Define your objectives
Whether you want to generate sales leads, increase website traffic, launch a new product or create general brand awareness, defining a goal for promotional activity is significant in deciding what platforms to select and what strategy to use.

7. Variety is the spice of life
Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of channels and methods that can be used to advertise – embrace it! If budget is allocated effectively, then mixing up a campaign to assess what works can prove invaluable, and even transformative. For example, a product launch that is being featured in an industry magazine can be strengthened by a strategic social media campaign. Implementing a social media campaign alongside it will further expand the reach and target audience, which may not have been achieved through the magazine advertising alone.

8. Spend money to make money
As with any service, cutting corners can be a risky game to play – it is important to be mindful of where costs can be assigned. For example, allocating budget to high-quality product photographs and enhanced social media campaigns are a effective short-term expenditure and will result in long-term positive advertising activity.

9. Be accessible
It may seem like an obvious point, but make sure all contact details are up-to-date and clearly highlighted for customers across all promotions. This way, customers can contact you round-the-clock and feel consistently supported by your business as 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience.

10. Pay close attention
All activity should be monitored where possible. Response rates, engagement rates, post reach and general website visitor numbers all paint a picture of how well a campaign is working. However, not all activity can be measured – generating brand awareness is very important so be aware of how your company’s reputation and products or services are being perceived across the industry.

By Andrea Petrides, RONIN Digital Account Manager.

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