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We’re having so much pun, we’re in love!

We’re having so much pun, we’re in love!

The pun. Almost as old as the English language itself; used by writers, wordsmiths and down the local pub, you just can’t beat a good old-fashioned play on words. At RONIN we adore them.

And love or hate it, Valentine’s Day seems to bring some of the cheesiest, silliest and, in the rare case, witty puns out of the love shack woodworks!

From food, to animals, social media and design, there seems no end to what can be turned in to a pun for the day of ‘lurve’. This year, we couldn’t resist getting involved.

So here are ten of our favourite Valentine’s Day puns:

I love you a latte













You are so Tweet













Lets canoodle Valentines pun

















I moustache you to be my Valentine













Olive you Valentines pun












I like you Facebook Valentines













You got a pizza my heart Valentines pun











We make a fine pear Valentines pun
















You are just my type Valentines pun












You give me femur Valentines pun





























All images are sourced from Pinterest.


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