Why I’m doing a placement at RONIN marketing in England - Ronin Marketing
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Why I’m doing a placement at RONIN marketing in England

Why I’m doing a placement at RONIN marketing in England

My name is Benedikt Müller, I am 16 years old and I live in Munich. I have just finished a week of work experience at RONIN Marketing

I originally intended to be a physician, because I think this could be a job I would be happy with. As you need an Abitur (close to a levels) of 1.0 in Germany, in order to have a chance at university to study Medicine and it’s also quite complicated and expensive to study abroad, I have to refrain from it.

In the 11th and 12th class (11th and 12th year in school) you get points instead of notes, that all count together and will be calculated into the Abitur (every exam consists of 15 points;15-12,5p=1 ; 12,5-10p=2 and so on)

So you need at least 13,5 points in every exam to write an 1.0 Abitur and this is almost impossible.

In my reflections of what else could be a possible job that would please me, I came across RONIN Marketing, because my Grandfather knows the founder of this company and asked him if I could do an internship with him.

It really interests me how the advertising industry works and what they exactly do there, so I wanted to experience the work behind the scenes and understand what they exactly do at RONIN Marketing.

And of course a placement abroad is really helpful to improve your skills, especially English. It’s important to master English, as it is a global language. You also have to deal with lots of people: You email with lots of your clients, you have to make phone calls or you just speak with your business colleagues.

I could quite imagine working in this business in the future, because marketing will always be a theme.

At the end of the week I can say that it was really worth doing this working experience at RONIN Marketing. I have learnt a lot about the work you do as a marketing executive. As it was a good atmosphere in the office, because everybody supports the other one especially me in this week, I had in any case fun at work. So, thank you, Caroline, Saskia, Annie, Sara, Carolyn, Darren and of course Steve. I really enjoyed it.

Benedikt Müller